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Important News! MSPA's Silver and Gold Certification courses are being redesigned and are currently not available. The new courses will be available and Silver and Gold Certification will be operational again on October 1, 2012. Shopper login is also disabled at this time and being replaced with a new, interactive database. All certified shoppers will be contacted when the new database is operational.

Recent Press Release

American Express Survey Reinforces Value of Mystery Shopping (05/09/2011)

The results of a survey released on May 3 by American Express clearly bode well for companies that conduct mystery shopping programs and act on them. The American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer quantifies the business benefits of good service and the penalties for poor service, providing more evidence in support of the value of implementing mystery shopping programs.
Good service is not just something Americans expect; ...more

The Value of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping enables managers and executives to measure how closely their customers' experiences reflect what the company expects them to experience. Customers who have a positive experience that reinforces the company's message and conveys to the customer the company's appreciation are happy customers.

MSPA Member companies use highly qualified shoppers to ensure that they accurately record all relevant aspects of their experience. The information provided through mystery shopping allows businesses to precisely adjust operations to maximize the customer experience.