Member Companies

Freeman Group Measurement 972-479-1345
ICC Decision Services David Rich (800)444-1717
Opinions, Ltd. Jason Mowry 440-893-0300
Devon Hill Associates Barbara Gerber 8584567800
In-Touch Insight Systems Cameron Watt 800-263-2980
JM Ridgway 877-562-3890
Consumer Impressions, Inc. Jodi Paul 972-867-1956
Service Evaluation Concepts, Inc. Shopper Recruiting (516) 576-1188
Premier Service, Inc. Sandie Sparkman 800-452-5150
Circle of Service, LLC Pam Bueltmann 314-416-8091
Maritz Research Shopper Contact 636-827-3960
Marketing Endeavors, LLC Aaron Conley 866-445-9117 x102
MASSolutions, Inc. Michael Gatti 412-201-2444
QSI Specialists Chuck Kenerson 702-891-0550
Measure Consumer Perspectives Caroll 502-749-6100
TrendSource Mike Linck (619)718-7467
Market Force Information Rushton McGarr 303.402.6916
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. Marianne Hynd 866-703-8238
Shoppers, Inc. Kathy Shook 800-259-8551 ext. 202
Creative Image Associates, Inc. Shopper Contact 978-343-7005
Customer 1st Maureen Doucakis 800-355-5040 x 329
ath Power Consulting Corporation M Spinello (978) 474-6464 ext 113
Norton Norris Connie Esparza 3122627400
Beyond Hello Inc. Shopper (800)321-2588
DSG Associates, Inc. Shopper Support (800)462-8765
Customer Service Profiles Shopper Contact 800-841-7954 x 101
Hospitality Now Michael Flath 904-823-0005
Customer Feedback, LLC Laurie Dortch 425-888-7700
Kinesis-CEM, LLC Kathy Harper 206-285-2900
Six Star Solutions Richard Bell (801)274-2213
Regal Hospitality Group John Murphy 813-854-1855
Person to Person Quality Michael Mitchell (703) 836-1517
Devon Hill Associates Barbara Gerber 858-456-7800
Business Evaluation Services Charles Stiles 888-300-8292 x202
Baird Consulting, Inc. Stacy Wagner 920-563-4684
SurfMerchants Tony Felos 617-292-8008
National Shopping Service Katy Gravatt 916-577-1010
BDS Marketing, Inc. Marlene Settle 949-472-6700
Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. CTCSS 562-943-0646
Constance Anderson and Associates, Inc. Constance Anderson 800-548-4417
Reality Check Ross Thomas 800-550-4469
Perception Strategies, Inc. Jessica Rush (317)546-0970
Sales Quality Research Group Suzette Drake 480-967-7500
Verify International, Inc. Monte Fulton 972-699-0424
Service Performance Group, Inc. Melissa Gulyes 866-567-8300
Corporate Research International Amy Williams 419-422-3196
LRA Worldwide Michele Maccarelli 267-495-1604
Mintel International Group JFrancy 312-932-0400
Custom Risk Solutions - Division of SOS Security, LLC Kendra Webb Parker (678) 296-5239
Cirrus Marketing Intelligence Monnie Howard 888-899-7600
Shoppers' View shopper contact (800)264-5677
Anonymous Insights, Inc. Suzy Baker (614)761-0939
Customer Perspectives Recruiter (603)647-1300
Harland Clarke Brooke Reyes 800-291-6117
Mystique Shopper John Saccheri 888-750-Shop
Mystery Shoppers Tiffany Gleason 1-865-450-8841
Core Research Inc. Cory Jensen (402) 502-0579
Customer Service Experts, Inc. Erin 888-770-7625
Jancyn Evaluation Shops Nicole Laidlaw 800-339-2861
RitterAssociates Dennis Richard 419-535-5757
Monterey Mystery Shopping Ryan Scott (800) 471-0767
Greenhouse Marketing & Communications Patrick Boult 289-891-8119
Sinclair Customer Metrics, Inc. Sean Barna (800) 600-3871
Guest Check, Inc. Derek Wood 303-991-6173
Quest for Best/Quest Associates, Inc. Chuck Roam (901)388-7203
BestMark Dispatch Manager 800-514-8378
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants Douglas Rector 425-271-0312
Second To None, Inc. Jeff Hall (734)302-8400
Shopmetrics, Inc. Joseph G. Hashim 419-474-6672
Secret Shopper (Sights on Service, Inc.) Coordinator (763)525-1460
Consumer@Site Juan Charana 787-622-0001
Management Consultant Group, LLC Shopper (877) 811-3257
J.D. Power and Associates Geoffrey Prince 805-418-8000
Ellis, Partners in Mystery Shopping (EPMS) V Dickerson 972-256-3767
Synovate 312-526-4528
Impact Marketing Amanda Hooks 469-337-4433
ICU Associates Shopper Contact 877-574-6682
Customer Experience Experts Nancy Draude 717-371-5310
Mercantile Systems Scheduler 888-222-8301
CIMA Insight Annie Smith 954-318-1600
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers Mary Furrie (800)580-2500
RDAssociates, Inc. Laura Leis 6106675566
Shared Insight Sheila Martinez (310) 796-0080
Shoppers Critique International LLC Bill Green (407)834-3337
Nationwide Services Group Laura Unger 800-914-shop
Insula Research, Inc. Brian Baker 614-334-2614
AboutFace Paige Hall 678.989.2290
Feedback Plus, Inc. Scheduling Manager (972)661-8989
RetailTrack Mystery Shopping & Consulting Yvette Guay 1-800-576-6860
Cross Financial Group Tom Hershberger 402-441-3131
IntelliShop Ron Welty 877-894-6349
Ardent Services, Inc. Tracey Estes 303-525-8892
New Image Marketing Peter Boldrin 239-275-9979
Mystery Researchers Lisa Van Kesteren 404-351-7854
Pinnacle Financial Strategies Michaela Sharp 800-741-7758
Interactions Marketing, formerly CALIBER Shopper Contact 800-532-1417
Primo Solutions, LLC Tawni McDaniel 623-547-7992
Faith Perceptions Support Staff (573) 335-1782
Texas Shoppers Network, Inc. Michelle Argo 281-293-9971
Remington Evaluations Sarah Leeke 866-485-6491
Grass Roots America, Inc. Jane Newnum 407-599-5251
Dynamic Advantage, Inc. Gregory Doomanis 818-238-1251
Informa Research Services Donna Horne 800-532-8586
Data Quest, Ltd. Amanda Reynolds (617) 437-0030
Coyle Hospitality Group Jim Coyle 800-891-9292
Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services, LLC Brian Calderone 603-223-0303
MarketWise Consulting Group, Inc. Carolyn Nankervis 920-735-4970 Ext 102
Melinda Brody & Co. Melinda Brody 407-294-7614
KSS International, Inc. Lorri Kern 520-615-0888
GfK Mystery Shopping Maria Noll (212) 240-5300
Automotive Insights Jim Murphy 314-409-2206
Taylor & Associates Robert Taylor 609-443-9212
AMA Enterprises, Inc. Art Alabin 7032548922
Customer Impact, LLC Barbry Booth 800-677-2260
Consumer Service Analysis, Inc. Beverly Johnson 808-347-6762
Winthrop Douglas, Inc. Contact Us 212-594-5727
A Closer Look Chuck Paul 888-446-5665 Ext. 106
The Troy Dolan Group / BMA / Customer 1st Peter Thorwarth 800-355-5040
Mystery Shopper Pros Jim Johnson 973-347-1572
A Top Shop! Lori Reeve 720-283-8377
Service Excellence Group, Inc. Marci Bikshorn (800)888-9189
Amusement Advantage, Inc. Christine Carson 800-362-9946
mVentix, Inc. Shopper 661-263-8126
Bare Associates International, Inc. Gwen Johnson (800)296-6699 x 3131
Shoppers Confidential Inc. Julie Anthony 519-208-4779
Reality Based Group™, Inc. / GameFilm® Shirley McLemore 877-990-3456 ext 1351
Confero, Inc. Elaine Buxton (919)469-5200
The Sentry Marketing Group David Agius 214-295-2615
ACE Mystery Shopping Julie Simbro 866-240-7324 x 102
ClientSmart Kimberly Peterson 404-542-8882
At Your Service Marketing David Childs (940)644-2893